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June 11, 2004


I believe that Philadelphian have a strange fear of tall buildings and when ever there is a reason not to build one, even if its good for business, there are people who will find it and run with the reason.
If Comcast is willing to build this building and bring jobs to this city, a city that is economically strapped, a city that is suppose to be losing its population, and at a time when the national economy is not doing its best it seems wise to let comcast build it.
I do not care if the buiding is 65 floors or 100 floors; if comcast is willing to build a tower, employ people, make the office tower safe and friendly to the pedestrian public on the ground below with shops, then by all means build it. Philadelphia I am a young man, I am your future and I do not live in the 18th century when Washington was here, I don't live in the 19th century when City Hall was being built, I live today and we as a city need to respect the past and even build to be sensitive to the past but this is not the past and we must let it go. City Hall is no longer the city's tallest building. In the future if Philadelphia prospers business will come and build tall buildings so the fear of tall building must go.
I also, do not have a problem with Comcast getting tax breaks for building its tower because it will make the office space more competitive. If you own an older building you will have to be more creative to drawl new clients and every will not leave to go to a new building because they won't fit so the companies will also become creative to be good tenants. It's not a problem at all because capitalism is all about competition and now Philadelphia will be more competitive. Maybe we can bring business out of New York or Baltimore to fill some of our new office space. We Must be totally and if need be ruthlessly ambitious.

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